Major Foot and Ankle Problems

The main foot and ankle problems among the topics of foot surgeons are listed below. These problems are initially approached with non-operative methods, such as proper shoe selection, activity modification, physiotherapy and personalized insoles are the mainstays of these treatment approaches. Unfortunately, surgery is inevitable due to late consulting of the patients. All of the … Continue reading

30 Mayıs 2018 Blog

Little Toe Deformities

Deformity can also be on other fingers of the foot. They are most common on the second and fifth fingers. In some nervous disorders, all the fingers of the foot can be involved and may look like a claw. In rheumatic diseases, deformities in toes are common. Deformities do not only lead to aesthetic problem, … Continue reading

30 Mayıs 2018 Blog

Reasons for Foot and Ankle Operations

Many of the foot and ankle problems can be treated without surgery. Non-surgical treatment may be possible with medications, physiotherapy, footwear replacement or sole plate, weight control, and sports activities arranged according to the patient’s complaint. When the physical examination and examination findings and the patient’s complaints adresses an operation neccessary the following are recommended: … Continue reading

30 Mayıs 2018 Blog